Our Firm

Experienced Team

Team with extensive experience in the private equity industry and financial sector, the founding partners have more than 25 years working together.

Previous executive positions in Mexican and U.S. financial institutions, in different economic cycles.

Team specialization in structured transactions and fund management for institutional investors.

Team formed by more than 25 professionals in 4 main areas.

Focused Investment Strategy

Providing structured financing through tailor-made credit backed by real assets.

Supporting small and medium-sized companies in their growth, acquisitions, working capital, and recapitalizations.

Four investment strategies with different types of collateral, seniority levels and focus on real estate/housing, financials and energy sectors.

ESG factors considered throughout the investment process, through to divestment/exit.

Proven Performance

15 years managing credit investment strategies for institutional investors.

Alsis Funds has invested $472 million in 91 transactions, including 47 realized investments with an average gross return of 23.7% in USD.

Limited Competition

Mexican credit conditions favor our investment strategy. Commercial banks lack in-house teams to structure these types of loans because they perceive them as small and risky.

Mezzanine debt is a relatively untapped niche market in Mexico, which represents new opportunities for companies providing this type of financing.


Founding and start of operations

Closing of Fund I


First investment


First investment in the housing sector


Closing of Fund II

More than USD $50m in invested in 18 transactions


More than USD $100m invested in 27 transactions


Closing of Fund III


Closing of Fund IV

More than USD $200m invested in 42 transactions

More than 20 realized transactions


Closing of Fund V

Liquidation of Fund I

More than 20 realized transactions


Talent Development program and ESG team composition

Over USD $400m invested in 85 transactions


Over 45 realized transactions


Over USD $470m invested in 91 transactions


Signatories to UNPRI and UN Global Compact

Publication of first impact report



​Managing a family of investment strategies that produce attractive risk-adjusted returns for our investors through real asset-backed fixed income instruments.


To be the investment platform focused on credit strategies that is most respected by its professional environment and for adding value to its agents:

Investors: exceptional returns

Operating/Accredited Partners: growth

Suppliers: business opportunities

Employees: professional and economic growth

Community: socially responsible investment



We do what is right


We never stop learning


We trust our team


We care

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